Terharu Ok. Sobss Sobss…

A love note from me to you
It means so much to know
that you’re always there
for me

you’re a wonderful person
and the best friend
i’ll ever have,

and i just wanted you
to know
how thankful I am
to be sharing life
with you

So on our anniversary.
remember that no matter
how complicated
or busy our days may get,

one simple, timeless truth
is forever in my heart

I love you

Happy Anniversary

terharu ok… tsktsktsktsk…
tahap terharu seperti mana mau melebarkan sayap lalu terbang dilangit biru.
tahap terharu seperti mana mau berenang di lautan api.
tahap terharu seperti… seperti… errr (blank)
apa apa je lah…

tq daddy! eh eh… tq papa! ek eh…
tq abang. aaaaaaaaaa abang??

ok ok yang benar. tq encik suami 🙂

26 thoughts on “Terharu Ok. Sobss Sobss…

  1. wah besh nyer.. aku dapat kad2 ni awai2 jer.. masuk taun ke-3, org kemana kad kemana..waaaaaaaa..
    anyway happy anniversary… 🙂

  2. kakak, sangat beromantika gitu….

    happy anniversary ya!!!!

    semoga berkekalan….

    nanti datang jengah blog baru saya ye…

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